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Leak Adjustment Program Guidelines Minimize


Chester Water Authority offers courtesy assistance to our residential customers that have experienced a 50% or more increase in their historical water usage due to a water leak that has registered through the water meter provided they meet our program guidelines.

The General Guidelines are as follows:

  1. Customer must complete the Leak Adjustment Request Form.
  2. Leak must have caused a minimum of 50% increase over the historical usage for the period in question.
  3. Proof of repair must accompany the Leak Adjustment Request Form. (receipts and/or invoice)
  4. Leak Adjustment Request form must be submitted within (90) days of the date of the water bill for which the leak occurred.
  5. No more than one leak adjustment every three years will be considered under the leak adjustment program.
  6. Hose bibs left running will not be considered for a leak adjustment under this program.
  7. Submission of the Leak Adjustment Request Form does not guarantee that a Leak Adjustment Credit will be issued.

 Leak Adjustment Calculation

  1. Your normal consumption will be charged at the appropriate step rate. (Normal Consumption =average daily consumption after leak was repaired times the number of days in the billing cycle for which the leak occurred
  2. Additional consumption due to leakage will be charged at the lowest step rate. (Additional consumption = total consumption billed during leak period minus normal consumption calculated in step 1).
  3. The total consumption billed during the billing cycle for which the leak occurred minus the total of step 1 + step 2 = total credit adjustment.


Consumption Charges

Gallons per Month                            Village Green East                        Village Green West
(x 1,000)                                          (x 1,000)

First    25,000                                                 $4.61                                                $5.92
Next  225,000                                                 $2.96                                                $4.15
Over 250,000                                                 $2.31                                                $2.95

Click on the words "Leak Adjustment" below to access the Leak Adjustment Request Form.

Leak Adjustment Request Form